liste des logiciels R-image

Testing the software
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The following instructions explain the main features of the different simulations.

Instruction for 'Forces'

Instruction for 'Statics'

Instruction for 'Kinematics'

Instruction for 'Dynamics'

Some simulations are already in English :

'Inclined plane'

'Worhshop crane'

'Krank-rod system'

'Ball in a tube'

R-image has produced about 160 simulations, for mechanics, hydraulics, energy, and some other subjects.

As far as you have looked at the instructions and the four simulations in English, you will easily be able to test the simulations in French. They will be soon in English.
Process : "Tester un logiciel" (= Test a software), then click on the subject you will test. And click on "Télécharger le test de xxx" (= Download the test of xxx")
Note : most of the simulations are grouped under one title. Ex : 66 simulations for "Mécanique".